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DXF get an awful lot of enquiries that are related to a number of key areas of our business. In order to cut down on these enquiries and save us both time we have decided to publish the rates for our most popular services.

If you would like a more detailed quote, want a price for something that is not listed or you wish to place a priority order then please contact us in the first instance. You will find that we’re friendly, informal and always upfront.

Offline Marketing Methods

  1. social-mediaDirect Mail
  2. Print Publications
  3. Trade Shows and Associations
  4. Networking

Bespoke social media solutions

We specialise in designing and running advertising campaigns within the UK and USA social media community. Our social media services can be tailored to the specific demographic you want to reach.

Video production

Need to be seen in the UK? We can help you out! Video editing, translation, voiceovers and online social media management. A complete package of video services to make your campaign visible.

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