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Our Recent Case Studies

Below are some of our most recent companies that we have worked for and have been successful in helping their brand.

ELC Roofing Ltd.

ELC roofing LTD are highly qualified roofing specialists based in East Anglia. ELC offer an advice scheme against competitive prices.

They work alongside listed period building as well as completing roofing projects for new builds and offer a residential service too.

As digital marketing solutions, we helped to expand their brand name to increase customers – to do this we set up a social media page to help attract a wider audience –

We also advised ways to help generate more traffic to their site, to also expand their brand name.

Moores Glass

Moores Glass are leaders in glass manufactures and have been so for around 40 years.

Their products are highly unique for quality and performance. They export their products worldwide and have supplied for medical, scientific, industrial and military sectors.

For Moore’s Glass, we helped developed their website and getting it to number 3 for glass manufactures.

Smart Clean Services

Smart Clean is one of Brighton’s most professional and advanced office cleaning companies. They tailor their customer’s cleaning experience to what best suits them, which helps to explain their high customer satisfaction ratings. Find out more.

What can they offer you?

  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Services for offices, factories and warehouses
  • Washroom & laundry services

All staff members are fully trained and are qualified to achieve standards that their customers won’t experience anywhere else. Quality control measures are put in place during visits to ensure quality is never compromised. Call 0800 010 6871.


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